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At the forefront of strategic innovation, we are uniquely positioned to unlock the full potential of the businesses we acquire.

What we do.

Transcending the conventional boundaries of mergers and acquisitions

Nightrose Capital is a formidable force targeting both physical and digital service-based businesses. Our focus is on acquiring businesses with an EBITDA of at least $2M+ in high-impact sectors, including transport & logistics, industrial service businesses, and consulting.
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Real Estate
Nightrose Capital is pursuing a value-add strategy and targeting multi-family properties valued between $15m-$25m in surrounding areas of growing metropolitan cities in the Southeast United States.
Nightrose Capital empowers aspiring leaders by sponsoring their journey to business ownership. After vetting and acquiring a fitting business, the candidate will take over day to day operations while we retain equity as dedicated partners, ensuring a collaborative path to success.
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Meet The Team

Nicolas Figari
Nicolas Figari, possessing a rich history in business development and marketing - has collaborated with over 120 businesses ranging from startups to fortune 200 companies. From 2015, he diligently nurtured and expanded his consultancy, Lemonade, culminating in a successful exit in Q2 of 2023. This journey has equipped Nic with a distinguished and comprehensive expertise in business development strategy, sales, and marketing, solidifying his reputation in the field. Nic currently resides in the Flatiron District with his bernedoodle, Franklin.

Values we live by.

Our commitment to excellence is not merely transactional; it's a holistic journey towards cultivating synergies, fostering innovation, and redefining the landscape of service-based businesses in the digital age.

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Adaptability in the Digital Age

In a world shaped by the convergence of physical and digital landscapes, Nightrose Capital's dual focus on traditional and cutting-edge business models underscores a commitment to versatility. We recognize the integral role of businesses thriving in the digital sphere, positioning us at the forefront of strategic thinking. This adaptability ensures that we are poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities and remain agile in an ever-evolving business environment.
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Strategic Vision and Focus

Nightrose Capital's strategic vision encompasses a dual focus on both physical and digital service-based businesses. By targeting entities with a robust EBITDA of at least $2M+, we signal a dedication to acquiring financially robust businesses with proven operational excellence. Our targeted sectors —transport and logistics, industrial services, and consulting — represent the pillars of economic growth and innovation, positioning us to thrive in dynamic markets.
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Operational Excellence

Nightrose Capital's meticulous approach extends beyond financial considerations. By emphasizing a hands-on approach, our team leverages a diverse skill set and extensive experiences to drive strategic growth. Whether through innovative marketing strategies, effective business development, or astute financial management, we pride ourselves on operational excellence. This commitment ensures that businesses within our portfolio not only weather economic fluctuations but also thrive and contribute meaningfully to our overall portfolio performance.

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